Passed paper trail bill
Voters’ scanned signatures present at polls
Check with other states for duplicate voters
Restricting Social Security Numbers on voter
registration cards
Sunset Judicial Selection
Requires the purging of dead voters every 30 days
Religious Freedom Protection Act
Constitutional Amendment defining Marriage
Elderly property tax freeze Amendment
SJR 127
Prohibit state tax dollars for abortions
Redirected money from Planned Parenthood to
local health depts.
Elderly Tax Relief
Faith based initiatives anti-discrimination laws for
state and local agencies
Recognition of God and religious freedom
Passed Bible curriculum
Discounts for veterans in state parks
Allows veterans to redact SSN from war records
Abortion Anti-Coercion Act
Firmly and unshakably against a state income tax
Voted to stop Governor's bunker every time
Fought & voted against breaking the Copeland Cap
Opposed stream-lined sales tax
Reduced sales tax on food
Created sales tax holiday
Defeated FONCE changes
Amended law to ensure a gas tax holiday
Restored state shared taxes to local government
Restored 10 million dollars to TDOT
Lowered the sales tax on food 1%
Banned use Matricula Consular Cards
Penalty for state contractors that employ or
subcontract with illegal immigrants
Took drivers licenses away from illegals
Took driving certificates away from illegals
Established 287 G Program for State Troopers
Banned use of ITIN numbers
Making employers use Basic Pilot Program to
identify illegal workers
Notaries must be US citizens
Created the offense of trafficing of illegal aliens
Virtual school legislation for youthful offenders -
Gun - Sex - Drug convictions
Reformulated BEP
Improved state test standards
Renewed charter schools
Passed virtual school legislation
Directed lottery funds to local schools
Capitol projects for higher education
Alternative teacher licensure legislation
Financial Literacy for Tennessee high schools
Expansion of charter school laws
Tougher identity theft laws
Jessica's Law - Tougher sex offender laws
Tougher Meth laws
Lowered blood alcohol level to .08
Require ignition interlock device
Sex offenders may not live within 1000 feet of a
school, daycare, or victim
Tougher child abuse laws
Keeping Taxes Low
Fighting Illegal Immigration
Improvements to Education
New Crime Laws
Family Values
State Sovereignty Resolution
$4,575,076 in ECD Grants
Regulatory flexibility act
Cable Choice Bill
Medical Malpractice reform
Open Government Act
Eminent domain reform
Worker's compensation reform
State must notify license holders when law
Occupational License renewal every two years
Small businesses may form groups to secure a
better rate on health insurance
Metal theft bill to reduce costly theft
Improved Lien Law
Improved Retainage Law
Commuter rail tort reform
Anti-Menu Labeling law
Ethics Reform
Conflict of interest reports for state and local
elected officials
Registry of Election Finance on-line
Established state Ethics Commission
Limit on cash contributions
On-line campaign finance reports
On-line disclosures
Ethics rules for local governments
Audit process for legislator and lobbyist disclosures
Posting of committee and subcommittee votes on
Travel and per diem for Governor, cabinet
members, Constitutional officers & Legislators
posted on-line
Increased filing of campaign disclosures
Candidates must disclose employer and
occupation of contributors
No campaign contributions from lobbyists
No corporate contributions
Honorarium prohibition
Improving State Roads
$285,500,000 spent on roads in Wilson & Sumner
Counties since 2006
Move over law to protect our troopers
Resolution asking Congress to refrain from
earmarks, mandates and binding regulations
Restored 10 million dollars to TDOT
Amended law to ensure a gas tax holiday
Vietnam Veterans Completion
Cleared Adams Lane mess
Beckwith Road Interchange
Rt. 109 improvements advancement
Mount Juliet Road Interchange
North Mount Juliet Road
Rt. 109 bridge and road widening
Health Care Initiatives
Reformed TennCare
Created TennCare Inspector General
Long term care for seniors
Allow small businesses to buy health insurance
through association pools
Reestablished high risk pool
Annual report on nursing home regulations
Health savings accounts
Hospitals must report infections
Second Amendment Rights
Castle doctrine for home, car and business
Created Reciprocity with other states
Local governments may open ranges to the public
Defeated Ammunition Accountability Act
Allows directors of EMA to carry handguns
pursuant to written directive
Prohibits state, political subdivisions, and public
officials from prohibiting possession, sale or use of
firearms during a state of emergency, major
Supporting second Amendment rights in
restaurants and parks
Right of judge to carry handgun
Susan's Record

Susan constitutional conservative who listens to your ideas; incorporating them into her
legislative work because new laws will affect your life, work and family.  
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